Counting Basics: Building a Strong Foundation
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Counting 1 – 10

Quantitative skills develop from learning basic counting. Subitizing – the ability to instantly count small sets of objects – is crucial for accurate grouping abilities.


Counting 1 – 30

Recognizing numerals and distinguishing them from distracting objects familiarizes children with math’s alphabet. Children will also learn skip counting, which practices grouping, quick counting, and basic addition.


Counting 1 – 50

Develop faster counting and improved accuracy with skip counting. Learn patterns and practice thinking analytically to solve puzzles.


Counting 1 – 100

Practice estimating a large set of objects. Developing strong estimation abilities is crucial for helping children manipulate numbers mentally.


Basic Addition

Using numeral recognition, grouping, counting, and memory retention skills that children learned from previous lessons, they can now start basic addition with ease. Addition is vital to multiplication and an infinite number of real world situations.


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