Case Wars: Upper vs. Lower Case Letters

Some of our visitors ask us why all our materials are printed in lower-case letters as opposed to upper-case letters. We know that many preschool and kindergarten teachers focus on teaching upper-case letters first.

lower case letters

The ability to recognize lower-case letters (a, b, c, etc.) on sight is more important for reading. Just look at this webpage. Almost all the letters here are lower-case letters!

Because most of the words children read are made up of lower-case letters, we at strongly recommend that you use the lower-case letters to teach the letter sounds. Reading consists of taking the individual letter sounds and blending them together into whole words.

You will find many activities for learning letter sounds in the second half of our Phonemic Awareness curriculum, starting with the Word Families and Beginning Sounds modules.

Use lower-case letters to teach the letter sounds.
Use upper-case letters to teach the letter names.

So should you ignore the upper-case letters? Of course not! We recommend that you use upper-case letters (A, B, C, etc.) to teach the names of the letters.

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